Floating Balance Cellars is proud to feature Walla Walla artist Frankie Laufer on our labels.


“The most important thing to state about my work is that it’s almost entirely concerned with the act and process of painting itself.  Paint gives expression to intuitive feelings of silence, form, structure, and organizing power.  All else including results, evolving subject matter, mood, and so forth follow this”. 

“The creative process has its own language which transcends words.  I don’t do much thinking or editing while I am painting, often not even aware of the act of painting itself.  Every artist must find their own way, locating that bigger sense of Self.  Then using the artistic insight to give expression to the wholeness inside”.   – Frankie Laufer

Frankie Laufer was born in Walla Walla, Washington, moved to California for 30 years, and has now moved back.  He believes nature more fully supports us in our birthplace.  While in California, he started painting at the age of 40, a self-described late bloomer.  But once he started painting, he knew that he had everything inside that he needed to express himself.  About this time, it was his good fortune to meet Benjamin Blake, his mentor and close friend.  He painted in his studio 315 for 30 years until he passed away.

Contact info:  408.483.8509 | |

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